Corporate Camps

We work to inspire and re-energize our corporate client teams as they disconnect from the day-to-day operations through an agenda that focuses on the mind, body and soul. Here is a more in depth look at our approach and methodology. The agenda for the retreat can be built for any of the following needs depending on our client:


  • Product Innovation retreats: we run ideation camps to come up with creative new projects or processes. As well as problem solving retreats for specific predetermined issues.
  • Planning retreats: focus here is on understanding the past and building up for specific milestones for the future. This includes corporate culture building and co-creating the team’s vision.
  • Team building/discovery retreats: allowing for closer connections between the team to form. Our tools help campers go a step deeper.
  • Capacity Building: to build the capacity of the team within a specific domain yet do so in an out-of-office learning environment for maximum knowledge retention.


Any of these programs fitting a current need? just write to us or call us at (+2) 01227699724 and we can set a meeting to take things forward. All programs are delivered by our partners who come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise.