What We Do

ElRehla or “The Journey” in english is a 4-day unconventional camping experience outside of the city bringing together 60-90 entrepreneurs, leaders and people who make things happen for a connective experience. From the outside it looks like summer camp for adults yet for us as a team its an ongoing experiment of how we can connect talented individuals, leaders, teams and entrepreneurs more effectively.

At very important conferences in Egypt and abroad, where influential figures come together, most of the agendas are built in a way where these leaders attending come out with 20 quick business-card exchange interactions and maybe 2 deep one-on-one conversations. Break times often called “networking” time don’t allow enough time to know more than 4-5 people and less for introvert leaders.

So unlike what is common in “networking time" in many leadership and industry events, the flow of our partners' sessions allows stronger networking to take place for both introverts and extroverts alike resulting in re-energized and connected campers.


What core elements do we consider when designing the program that makes Elrehla different?

What Happens In ElRehla

Across the four days we have these 5 main activities spread across the agenda: organized networking, business innovation, fitness & fun, relaxation and artistic expression. The agenda also focuses on delivering a holistic experience to the mind, body and soul. It’s not just educating the mind with technical know-how, but also challenging campers physically and emotionally to be more effective leaders. The 3 results we started to see other than happy networked travelers were…

  • Campers have changed their daily habits to be more effective and balanced
  • Campers ask and help each other after the camp when they need to move their work forward
  • Campers after seeing the simplicity of the tools used at ElRehla wanted to bring this lifestyle to work.

If this movement continues we hope that through our supporters and alumni we build a growing community of people who make things happen and people who won’t settle for defeat and idleness with the many hardships that comes their way.


ElRehla’s main product is the 4-day camp that can be customized to different groups. But that’s not all we do, following these 4 intense days the community remains connected through 3 channels.


As co-founders we saw how weak industry conferences and events were in building stronger networks. This was mainly because organizers didn’t add connective activities into the agenda. Sara working in a travel startup earlier and Abdelkader being a passionate traveler saw the powerful friendships that formed when groups traveled together. So mid-2013, Sara and Abdelkader imagined a travel experience just for entrepreneurs & how it would show the real people behind the projects and strengthen bonds beyond the emails so that they could more easily do business with each other. The rest of the cofounders got behind this idea because we wanted to experiment with this concept where entrepreneurs,leaders and doers get out of their constantly stressful work environment & create something new together. Meet members of the team here. Before starting our journey as an independent startup ElRehla was originally started as a side project between members of AlMaqarr coworking space and ElMashrou3 the reality TV show for Egyptian entrepreneurs.