Meet the team

  • Abdelkader Ahmed

    Abdelkader Ahmed, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Helped founding GnehFlYoum NGO and AlMaqarr Co-working Space. Passionate about collaboration, connecting people, and starting new things. Trying to leave a legacy!

    Sports is part of his lifestyle. He especially loves horseback riding and swimming. Additionally, he love Traveling.

    ElRehla for Abdelkader is a tool to change the world!

  • Ahmed Salah

    Ahmed Salah, is passionate about asking the hard strategic questions on impact and whether we move towards it or not. He is the Operations Manager at RISEUP Summit the biggest summit of the year for Egyptian entrepreneurs. He is also the President of Roteract Nasr City and has co-founded Mesaha a co-working space.

    In his free time Ahmed loves playing soccer and makes sure it’s a weekly habit.

    ElRehla to Salah is a simple approach for initiators to run their businesses more effectively and to grow collectively.

  • Dalia Said

    Dalia Said, loves building memorable learning experiences and took this interest further when she graduated from Harvard with a Masters in Education. Since 2005, Dalia has helped AIESEC, Namaa for Sustainable Development, ElMashrou3 and now ElRehla build their curriculum.

    In her spare time, she loves watching a good movie and making delicious home-made cupcakes!

    ElRehla for Dalia is an ongoing experiment for how to build supportive communities quickly

  • Muhammad Nagi

    Muhammad Nagi, believes in collaboration & how working together creates exceptions! Alongside ElRehla, Nagi has cofounded Egypt’s leading coworking space AlMaqarr and he’s its Managong Director. In his free time, he is a freelance translator and in the camp he is our Theatre and Open Mic Director.

    Seeing people’s success is his hobby, and helping them is his thing.

    ElRehla to Nagi is a place to Express. Play. Connect. Reflect. Accept others. Be accepted. Cry. Laugh. Succeed. Learn. and Decide!

  • Sara Ibrahim

    Sara Ibrahim, Cofounder of ElRehla, Namaa Alumnus and simulation games trainer. Passionate about exploring new places and different cultures through travel and integrating travel in her development work. Loves hiking, dancing, and watching movies.

    ElRehla for Sara is a journey to disconnect and connect, to talk, to relax, to have fun, to work, to be yourself & offers a very stimulating environment to reflect on yourself and your business.


    Sherif is passionate about youth exchanging their experiences especially in the field of development. He is currently working as HR Specialist in Novartis Pharma. Sherif is the co-founder of AlMaqarr Coworking Space, ElRehla and a social initiative called “Gneh Fel Youm” which aims to be a vocal point between all social enterprises to wider the impact and empower the society. He’s passionate about travelling and exploring new cultures.

    ElRehla to Sherif is a community full of change, passion, love and enthusiasm.

  • Ayman Shehata

    Ayman is the Corporate Responsibility Strategy Manager at PwC Egypt. He worked as a practitioner, researcher, strategy and business development advisor for national and international development agencies and research and academic institutions. He has a long history of volunteer work, such as cofounding Namaa Initiative for Sustainable Development. Ayman is a board member of An initiative that connects skilled volunteers from the private sector to entrepreneurs and NGOs.

    Ayman Shehata is one of the core drivers of ElRehla’s growth in this past period driving the delivery of corporate camps and our strategic growth both in terms content and in purpose.

  • Amira Hossam

    Amira’s passion is matching between governmental policies and grassroot projects, and between systematic change in organizations and sustaining the positive spirit through prevailed culture. Amira is currently working as the institutional development and accreditation unit manager at Wataneya Society for Development of Orphanages. She is the co- founder of Namaa’ initiative for sustainable development and Mesaha space for community development.

    Amira Hossam is one of the core drivers of ElRehla’s growth in this past period driving the delivery of corporate camps and our strategic growth both in terms content and in purpose.


As founders, we have a total of 34 years of leadership experiences in 10 organizations:

Harvard School of Education
AlMaqarr Coworking Space
Global Shapers
Namaa School for Sustainable Development
Care International
Rise Up Summit

We’ve organized over 75 networking based events across the past 12 years – 25 of which were multi-day experiences – in Egypt but also in the US and UAE.

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