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ElRe7la is a connective experience bringing people who make things happen together for a 4-day out-of-office experience


We work to inspire and re-energize our campers as they disconnect from the day-to-day operations through an agenda that focuses on the mind, body and soul. We focus on these 5 main activity types: organized networking, business innovation, fitness & fun, relaxation and artistic expression. This format allows the group to and think of both our work more strategically and our lives more long term. During the camp both introverts and extroverts connect on deeper levels than traditional trainings or networking events We invite different leaders, entrepreneurs, business professionals, creatives, decision makers, do-ers, educators, experts, innovators and makers to apply not only to come to connect with a new community and learn from each other but also to explore our camp’s methodology used in the 4 days to then bring back your favorite tools to your work environments for more workplace happiness in your on teams Watch the video below but you can read more about the thinking behind our approach and what happens after the camp here.



What core elements do we consider when designing the program that makes Elre7la different?


ElRehla will have a combination of activities, workshops, games and sharing spaces that fall under 5 main session types: BUSINESS INNOVATION / NETWORKING / RELAXATION / FITNESS & FUN / ARTISTIC EXPRESSION

Day 1

MORNING /AFTERNOON: Opening of ElRehla and introduction to personal toolkit LUNCH: Storytelling of our journeys (personal related) SUNSET/Night: Focus groups on our work/challenges (work related)

Day 2

MORNING: Morning activities (farm visit or fitness and yoga) AFTERNOON: Business workshops with our speakers (below) LUNCH: ElRehla community building (games/diving) SUNSET: Networking group activity (Open Space)  NIGHT: Night activities (expression)

Day 3

MORNING: Morning activities (farm visit or fitness and yoga) AFTERNOON: Business workshops with speakers (below)  LUNCH: ElRehla community building (games/diving) SUNSET: Reflective space solo then in groups (collective courage) NIGHT: Night activities (performance)

Day 4

MORNING: Morning activities AFTERNOON:Closing, 90 day challenge commitments and next steps LUNCH: Back to cairo

People you will meet


WhenThursday 27th April – Monday 1st May (we leave Cairo Thursday night & return Monday night)

Where: Nuweiba


  • 2300 LE bring your own tent ** limited spots
  • 2500 LE shared huts

Payment Options: Full payment or payments made in 2 month installments available

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WHAT’S Included?

Full board accommodation

Full board accommodation in shared huts (Breakfast, light lunch & dinner with 1 bottle of water each day)


Transportation to and from venue

All sessions and workshops

All sessions and workshops

Fitness, organic farm visit and yoga

with our partners


Connections to the ElRehla community database after the camp with annual meetups to connect the different generations

Access to over 100 handpicked competitions

Events and funded travel opportunities every month that you can apply for in our monthly newsletter sent to our community.

Price excludes:

  1. Any extra food & beverage you want to order
  2. If you prefer to stay alone in a room this will mean extra costs
  3. Diving will include extra fees


Is this camp only restricted to entrepreneurs and specific ages?

We want doers and leaders who make things happen not people who just talk about their dreams and plans. In the past camps we’ve had applicants coming from different stages from over 50 industries. So entrepreneurs, leaders, investors, mentors, artists, freelancers, intrapreneurs from any industry are all welcome! Also what makes ElRehla beautiful is the diversity in ages of those who attend so we have applicants 18 and above.

Do you provide any discounts if several members of my team apply?

Yes we provide 10% discount from each applicant if 3 members in a team apply together and are all accepted (limited spots)

Can I get online while at the camp?

ElRehla camps are low-tech events so we recommend that participants disconnect from any technology so even though there is a signal to connect we ask that you give yourself the unique experience of having a full digital detox period of 4 days that our previous campers loved about the experience.

I'm an introvert, will I be able to network?

Yes ElRehla is designed especially taking into account the needs of introverts so big group discussions are limited and most sessions are based on smaller group discussions.

I want to travel by plane not bus can you arrange this?

You would need to reserve the plane ticket yourself but we can arrange car pickup from Sharm el Sheikh airport to Nuweiba – you would pay the extra fees for this transport. Although very few campers chose this option of arriving by plane, we highly recommend you travel by bus with the rest of the group as we have an introductory activity on the bus. In all cases please note there is no discount on price if you decide to go by plane or with your car.

What is the background of people behind ElRehla?

Know more about the organizing team here. As founders we have a total of 34 years of leadership experiences in 11 organizations (Harvard School of Education, AIESEC, Global Shapers, Novartis, Namaa School for Sustainable Development, Gneh fel Youm, AlMaqarr Coworking Space, Care International, Rise Up Summit, ElMashrou3, Roteract and Vodafone). We’ve organized over 75 networking based events across the past 12 years – 25 of which were multi-day experiences – in Egypt but also in the US and UAE. But what makes ElRe7la unique is our previous partners and facilitators here who have spent many years of experience in building their craft.

I would like to partner with ElRe7la

If your company is interested to partner with ElRehla then please let us know here or email us at [email protected] and we will be in touch with you shortly for partnership or sponsorship opportunities.

What Past Campers say

A connective experience bringing entrepreneurs together

“What made elre7la unique compared to other experiences was the combination of fun and business and personal aspects. A relaxing, fun, useful and eye-opening experience”

Tamer Taha, Yomken

“Getting to be connected with people you can work with on a deeper level was the most beneficial thing I gained. Also learning how to disconnect from technology turned out to be a great thing to do from time to time.”

Mohamed Ezz El Din, Tennra

“I am so so glad I came. I’d just been in the UK, and while I was there was honestly wondering why I was leaving it and coming back to Cairo, but ElRe7la reminded why I love Egypt!”

Emily Renny, Greek Campus

“After spending the last 3.5 years in Silicon Valley,  checking-in to 379 events while there…I thought it was going to be hard to attend any event that would top all that…until I joined ElRe7la! The camp takes a holistic 360 approach to entrepreneurship with activities built around the mind, body and soul of an entrepreneur”

Salma El Hariry, ScaleUp Ventures

“El re7la is one of the best potential ideas for scaling peoples’ lives and knowledge, one of the best experiences one can have for more networking , more ideas and more self awareness”

Abdelrahman J. , Dental Care Center

“It helped me organize the way I think and opened my eyes to the business side that I knew so little about. The friendly atmosphere is amazing and helping people for the sake of helping. I want more of the re7la please!”

Yasmin M. ,Yasmin Mowafy Designs

“ well, it was one of a kind experience to have this BIG number of positive proactive individuals in such circumstances we are going through.. very good diversity , orientations, ideas, passions. I definitely got great use of every single discussion. New network, powerful insights and sharpened the saw “7 habits chapter””

Basel Mostafa, Merath

“ Want to share with you that I’m very proud and happy that for the first time since we start our community sustinable model in 2007 to meet such amazing Egyptian youth understand and share our vision of greening our desert with food. The after school learning center for community children is the pillar for health wealthy life.”

Mr Maged, Habiba Farm

“ We were 80 people in 2 days we didn’t know each other and now I feel like we are a small family, in reality this doesn’t happen in such a short period of time. I wish that we take what we learnt and use the same approaches to create the same spirit even if on a smaller scale in everything that we do.”

Omar Samra, Wild Guanabana

“I loved the ego sessions because we all have issues with facing that”

Rana Sayed , Almaqarr

“I will take back with me eating healthy food, sports, wake up early, looking to the importance of networking, the importance of listening to people”

Omar Tolba , AIESEC

“It helped me disconnect from all the chaos and noise in Cairo. It gave me time and many opportunities to reflect on my personal and professional life. A fellow re7la participant actually helped me with handling one of my clients when I was traveling”

Ahmed Elsayed , Apptitude

“This concept has to be alive, and developed and sustained…HAS TO”

Ahmed Fouad , Escape

“It’s because of your newsletter I have come to know about the ChangemakerXchange opportunity in Lisbon and now I’m there!”

Ahmed Sameh , Emmkan

“I was personally quite touched and inspired by your collective knowledge, experiences and understanding of human psyche”

Allaa Ramadan , Publicist Inc

“The whole experience was brilliant! I learned from the sessions and even more from the attendees, all were willing to share experience and give advice. Activities and early wake ups were really helpful and contributed to an extremely productive day”

Mahmoud Mohsen , Retyres

“It’s unique because of its focus on developing participants on several levels and gathering this huge number of people while still managing to achieve synergy between them”

Marwa Hegazy , Wataneya

“Honestly, I loved it more and if you like I’ll dedicate myself to be small part of it in all future volumes as long as I’m in Egypt”

Mostafa Hemdan , Recyclobekia

“I really liked the flow of the sessions, it was more crowd sourced rather than following a detailed agenda, which made things more genuine and natural”

Muhammed Darwish , Jereed

“I have always been travelling for fun this is the first time to experience something like this. I love the environment, the people and how much work can be done in one day”

Nahla Eldabbah , Infracon

“Perfect work environment: relaxed, highly collaborative and helps one to really think creatively”

Nahla Osman , Goethe Institut Cairo

“I have attended so many trainings with the top training agencies in Egypt and I have never been enriched by a training experience like elre7la’s. You say it’s a holistic experience that targets mind, body, and soul, and truly it is. Thank you for making something like this happen instead of the mainstream training materials that we see every day around us.

Noura Eldabbah , Enactus Egypt

“I believe El Re7la’s main purpose is to open participants’ minds on where they should take their idea or business next. The networking was great”

Essam Maged, Unplugged

“ElRe7la was the first push to launch my brand I was chosen one of the 15 best Middle East fashion designers participating in project runway Middle East, my brands name started to be one of the most well known, ethnic wear brands in Egypt”

Amna El-Shandaweely, Amna El-Shandaweely Designs

“The first time I play sports at 6am, discover how much I like simplicity, was able to channel my inner fifi abdo in a play, freestyle playing instruments and dancing on the beach, learn new and interesting things, open up to people I had just met, completely forget that my phone even existed and the list goes on and on”

Amira Azzooz, Fustany

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